Wood Stone Mill photographic assemblage by Paul Smedberg

Edition of 5
Only 5 prints of this work
will ever be made.
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Signed and numbered
by the artist.

Certificate of authenticity, initialed by the artist, attached to each print.

Original giclée on 13" x 19" on archival paper




About this piece: One of my favorite themes is industry in decay – things that were formerly bright and rigorous now having come to a more chaotic, more relaxed, more interestingly textured state. And this run-down manufacturing stuff, that is often looked upon as blight, really has a lot of softness and organic appeal. Most of this piece consists of images of the overhead crane that moved the massive limestone blocks around the mill. The name “Wood Stone Mill” is not an oxymoron or any other type of moron. I found out from the Monroe County Public Library Reference Desk that the abandoned limestone mill was owned by a guy named Wood.





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