Paul Smedberg       photographic assemblages

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Other recent work

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g01-20-06b tibetan center - ed 3 g9-3d-01 lily shapes g06-14b-06 sicilian grasses

Lamasery - 8.5" x 15.6" edition of 3


Lily Shapes series Sicilian Grasses
g11-07-05f corn g11-14-05c friday night tv g11-23-05d limestone mill

Corn Farm


Friday Night TV series Wood Stone Mill 3 - 7.5" x 3.9" edition of 5
g11-30-05d ghosts g12-07-05p limestone mill g12-1d-04 - ed 4

Ghosts of the Forest series


Wood Stone Mill 2 - 11.4" x 14.8" edition of 5 Various Hides - 13.6" x 6" edition of 4
g2006-02-17e rolling stock g2006-02-18l rolling stock g2006-02-27f flowers

Rolling Stock 1 - 10.8" x 10.3" edition of 3


Rolling Stock 2 - 15.6" x 4.9" edition of 2 Mays' Flowers series
g2006-03-24e hammond g2006-04-16h spring woods g2006-05-16f columbus

Hammond 1 - 11.8" x 13.1" edition of 4


Spring Woods - 7.6" x 5.1" edition of 6 Fantasy on Themes by Cesar Pelli and Jean Tinguely
7" x 5.3" edition of 4
g2006-06-14c 1st church bus g2006-06-22e dead cars g2006-07-09p rden center

1st Church Bus series


Dead Car series Rden Center series
g2006-07-29a winch g2006-08-01e harbor g2006-08-01n orchid



Norfolk Harbor series Orchid
g2006-08-02j birthday g2006-08-06f dead cars g2006-08-09f turkey run



Dead Cars in Blue - 36.7" x 18.8" edition of 3 Turkey Run series
g2006-08-15i clouds and trees g2006-09-20h the stands g2006-09-20s the stands

Clouds and Trees


The Stands series The Stands series
g2006-09-27c bridge g2006-10-13a open g2006-10-13c astronomy gears

Chicago River Bridge series


Open Astronomy Gears - 7.3" x 5.3" edition of 5
g5-23W-05 RUINS AT AGRIGENTO - ed 4 g9-03e-04 big  

Ruins at Agrigento 1 - 16" x 9.8" edition of 4


Little Black Dresses series
g9-3e-01 lily shapes    

Lily Shapes series