It is unbelievable that decent, gentle people are thrown into a dungeon by our GOVERNMENT for growing DOPE!

I know a man who was once from my hometown. A kind man. A kindhearted, quiet man. A guy who used to ride his unicycle in the Forth of July parades. He's doing FOUR YEARS for growing pot. His life was ripped out from under him, not because he destroyed anything, not because he hurt anyone, but because he grew dope. And in this co untry, the land of the free, we have manditory sentences for crimes such as that. Our hopelessly overcrowded prison system will have to, by law, let out theives and muggers well before him. They have to keep this man locked up because our elected represen tatives, the people we've trusted with our vote, decided that justice must be taken from the hands of the judges. Dammit, FOUR YEARS of a man's life are being ground into the dust.

Sure the national debt is a big problem. Jobs. Welfare. Foreign policy. All big problems. But this man, and thousands like him, are getting screwed by our cruel and unusual system of ``justice.''

Manditory sentencing guidelines are a form of VIOLENT CRIME!


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