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Brandi Throckmorton-Furbuster lived many years ago, but her estate was willing to take money in exchange for her endorsement."I can see why everyone,
  but everyone,
  is flocking to SalaryDoubler."

Brandi Throckmorton-Furbuster, 3rd Earlette of Deem

"It gives my life
a worthy goal."

Vint Bletchley, the "number eighteen" man at his company
When he's not busy middle managing a long distance resale company, Vint Bletchly collects beer bottles that were used by celebrities.

Borglamon Mellville III is the great great great great grandson of famous New England poet Kit Mellville."Like everything its
  probably a metaphor
  for something else."

Borglamon Mellville III lives and writes in Perth Amboy, NJ

"Be the envy of all
your friends, and all their friends with SalaryDoubler."

Legitimate businessman Berf "Bug Boy" Dormowisztz
All of Berf "Bug Boy" Dormowisztzs' four earlier wives died in mysterious circumstances.

Connie K. Selector started her singing career by burping the alphabet for her friends in 2nd grade."Turn your hopes
  into numbers on a screen
  with SalaryDoubler."

Famed "lady" reggae singer Connie K. Selector

"I don't make any money
of my own, so SalaryDoubler doesn't work for me, but I'll tell
Bob when he gets home."

Tiffany Livery, housewife
If Tiffany Livery had a dime for every sack lunch she's made in her life she could buy a new exercise bike.

Formy Anderson Fez recently retired from He worked in both the legal and fulfillment departments."Turn surprise into amusement
  with SalaryDoubler."

Formy Anderson Fez, recent e-commerce executive

"Wait a second, wasn't
I quoted on the home page?"

Edlelle Dwewenwee, Fortune 500 human resources director
Edlelle Dwewenwee's most recent article is "The Spiritual Side of Mindless Toil" in the February, 2001 isssue of "H.R. Containment" magazine.

Billhamienie vonKliegelsdorf chooses to walk among the common people, working as a receptionist at an ad agency, all the while concealing her lofty birthright."I just knew one day
  technology would solve
  this problem."

Billhamienie vonKliegelsdorf has a rash on her thigh

"It's not like anything
you've ever doubled before."

Mark Kamura Pike, master-programmer on the
"Word for Amiga" team
Mark Kamura Pike uses mirrors to sunbathe in the basement of his parents' home.

Debbie Kerdun teaches 5th grade math to 4th year business students at the University of Baffin Bay"SalaryDoubler is highly
  accurate and its personalized
  to your exact salary."

Debbie Kerdun, assistant professor at a major university

"Its 100% math,
just like gambling,
but SalaryDoubler
doesn't cost you a cent."

Bill Simptom, vice president of meetings at Bektronics
Bill Simptom addresses global issues through a cardboard paper towel tube.

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