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thank you! at first i was skeptical too, but when i did the math myself, your results were "on the money"!

This was pooptastic, spanks!

i wet my underpants and burned my copy of Marcel Mauss' "The Gift" . . . you subvert even the mystics . . . Bravo!

mine salary is no good
douple is very good
i make douple with yuo
and i am very very hapyy
it is a mogic

den (i am eglish taecher in brokklny)

I didn't really need the money, but thanks anyway SalaryDoubler.
SalaryDoubler is almost like my life.

Bill Gates

this is not cool

i have never been so disappointed in my life

I was thinking about this site... I am a previous user, but I just keep coming back for more. All of you who put down this site, must not understand fully how wonderful this site is. I go to the job listings and find a dream job. Then I come back here to see what that salary would be if it were doubled. To my amazement the dream job always looks better from here! One day I will get a "good" job of my own and stop visiting this site. Until then, Salary Doubler do your thing!!

Editor's Note: There is no such thing as a "good" job that couldn't be made better with a doubled salary.

You people will be going out of business just as soon as I finish my salary tripler. Ha!

I thought this was some kinda weird shit (I entered "weird shit" in the search engine and arrived at SALARY DOUBLER), thanks Salary Doubler for proving me right !
Now I can double my salary in the privacy of my own home.
It got me thinking about a new venture, I think I'll call it "Salary Tripler"..

Editor's Note: Many readers, through no fault of their own, have not read the probing, in-depth interview I conducted with myself as part of our promotional juggernaut. Some of the technical issues involved with a "Salary Tripler" are beyond the scope of this user/consumer discussion, but, suffice it to say that a "Salary Tripler" has been on our minds.

Shit - Now I have to pay double the income tax!

Editor's Note: It is worse than you feared. The income doubling might well push you into a new higher tax bracket potentially tripling your tax. On a legalistic note I'd like to refer to the "pursuit of happiness" clause in the Declaration of Independence that has been so frequently ignored by constitutional scholars just because it's not in the constitution. With that demi-legal clause in mind I urge all satisfied SalaryDoubler users to NOT REPORT THE DOUBLED INCOME. Though I am not a lawyer and do not play a lawyer on TV I'm offering this as legal advice: DO NOT REPORT THE DOUBLED INCOME. Lawsuits and jail terms be damned.

Wow, I think I will slow down and smell the roses...

But you can come to and buy some nice lighting with all your newly found wealth... You can't take it with you!

Who needs a crummy $300 from "W" with SalaryDoubler on the job!!!!

Don't tell anyone, but I have successfully used to QUADRUPLE my salary.
If only I could figure out a way to double it again.

Robert Fenstermacher
Second assistant to Ivan 'the terrible'

what kind of stupid shit is this anyway?
This must be one of the most useless sites I`ve seen yet. Make me understand what this is all about and how this site can be a benefit to anyone.


Editor's Note: One man's stupid shit is another man's glimpse of the promised land.

Unbelievable! It turns out that the highest number that can double is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 so try to double what i make in a year($999999999999999999999 yep that's dollars folks) It won't work! Thanks, you're a hunk of shit!

Editor's Note: We have passed your bug report on to the SalaryDoubler programming team. And, should we go to a version 2.0 someday you have a marketing person's promise that this bug will be fixed.

Wow! I wanted to just give up on life but then out of nowhere I heard about Boy, did it change my life. I went from a couple quarters to a whole dollar.

Thanks, I needed you!

Editor's Note: You might take that dollar in quarters. I don't want to scare you, but I don't place much faith in paper money any more.

predictable, lame,

Editor's Note: In a way then, the entire site is a presage of your user feedback comment.

Fantastic! I went from a $7.50/hr cabbie to a $50,000 success story in an instant! Thanks! - daveblackwood

I could not believe I could double my salary so quick, thanks Salarydoubler.

I cant wait to tell both my friends.

I own my own web company and was just getting ready to start laying-off employees. Now that I've included SalaryDoubler in employee benefits packages I can actually hire more people. I plan on using it as an incentive to my customers also! WOW!!! I just doubled my salary again... You guys wouldn't happen to have a NetWorthDoubler, would you? I'd like to retire early.

Editor's Note: Many thoughtful captains of industry have included SalaryDoubler in their benefits package along with the equally worthwhile Employee Stock Options.

At first I told your computer the truth, that my yearly salary is zero, but apparently there hasn't been a math invented yet that could multiply zero by itself. So I lied. I told it I make an absurdly exorbitant $12,000 a year. And boy, when salary doubler told me i could be making $24,000 dollars a year.... it was so funny i not only peed my pants, i peed my monitor too.

Thanks a thousand salary doubler!

Editor's Note: It's a mystery to me why you can't find work.

this is stupid.

Thanks, SalaryDoubler!

Now I can buy lowers to go with my uppers, and eat corn-on-the-cob and fried chicken again.

Please tell me this site does not have a hidden link to WorkDoubler. I'm always carful not to overstrain myself.

Lulu Littlewitt

Editor's Note: Having a hidden link to an unrelated site would be like putting MSG into carryout Chinese food. I hope this makes you feel more secure.

this site Sucks!

Editor's Note: At last a keyword in the top 500 of all searched-for keywords.

I wasn't sure that it was going to be possible for me... I was working soooo hard. If I knew that this was all I had to do, I would have gotten the Mercedes instead of the Sunfire !!!!!!

Editor's Note: While two exclamation points is "jaunty" and three -- "outrageous". Six exclamation points borders on over-statement, especially when immediately following the word "Sunfire".

Gosh, what a relief.
My microwave AND my vacuum cleaner both broke this weekend. (No kidding!) Now, with SalaryDoubler such occurrences become a petty nuisance.

Thanks SalaryDoubler
I'll rest easy knowing you are there as backup.

Ellen Brennan

Fascinatong! Amazong! Was this even possible? . . .
a salary doubler on the internet.

greatly gratified and smilong[!]

Mary Ann Koruth

For a moment I thought "Do I really need all that money? Will it make me happy?"


Thank you,

I have to admit, I was reluctant to try SalaryDoubler at first, as I hate to type numbers.

I'm certainly glad I gave it a go ..... again and again.

This is undoubtedly the best doubler of it's kind featuring a free survey.


were [sic] is the money? i don't understand this

this is the dumbest thing i've ever seen

i think i may have just s&^$ in my pants; that's so awesome!

With Salary Doubler I will be able to pay off my debt! I had no idea it was so easy to make more money. I will definitely tell my friends about this, then I will never have to hear about how stupid I am again!

Wait till they get a load of me now!

Dumb Site! i was really disappointed. Who cares WOW! $20 hr, so unless your going show me the money this site gets a F-

Editor's Note: I think some of your disappointment comes from misuse of the site. It's a salary doubler, not an hourly wage doubler.

Truly amazing! I've never experienced anything else like it.

-Gino Capito, CEO, Platinum Technologies, LLC

I thought I was too old and macho to cry but you wonderful folks have brought tears to these old eyes. I've looked my whole life for a solution like this! I can put away my metal detector now and never again waste a single dollar on lottery tickets.

I only wish I could help other people like you have helped me. Could I possible put a link on my homesite to you wonderful folks? I just want to help people.

By the way. How many times a day can I double my salary? I don't mean to sound greedy but I was thinking a face lift and some pectoral implants could improve my romantic life enormously! Maybe a few others could use a nip and a tuck here and there. I just want to help people. Bless you all.

I tried it, but my bank refused to believe that the results correlated with reality.

Editor's Note: I suggest getting a more understanding bank.

Don't just tell me how much I'd make if I doubled my salary. I already knew that. Now make it real!

Editor's Note: There's that pesky 4-letter "R" word again. If reality is all that important, why aren't you outside playing baseball?

I found this site very informative! It [SalaryDoubler] has shown me a figure literally twice my salary! It's sites like this [] that make the internet one of the most interesting things on the computer.

Satisfied in St.Louis

Unbelievable! I was working a dead-end job until I found your website. Now I don't work, because my boss caught me on it. Thanks a lot.

this place is crap

you know that feeling when you're lifting a barbell off of your chest with 120lbs and gravity working against you....and you want to explode's like the barbell will not reach it's rack, and you can't push it anymore? That's the feeling I got when i saw my salary double!

Timmy was stuck in the canyon...but no more...thanks to Salary Doubler. Now I can buy a fleet of Collies to retrieve my poor boy. Thank you Salary Doubler.
-Kristina M. Leamon

this site is phat! now,i can buy a car, a house, a motorcycle, jetski, an mp3, and move out of my parents house! thanks guy

Editor's Note: Your thanks is all the thanks I need.

I thought I wud never afford to study again considering my salary, but now I think i can for sure...Salary doubler has increased my confidence to study further

would be nice to really double my yearly salary

O my what a big help that was thanks

I was amazed with the results. This site completely lives up to its claims. No false advertising here people. I put my salary in and in a heartbeat it was doubled. Thank you Salary Doubler, you made my life better.

Wow wouldn't life be great if you knew that whatever you did or spent would come back to you doublefold.

Because of Salary Doubler, now I can have two wives and two lives (two of everything).
Thank you Double Trouble

Now I have enough cash to buy more barbecue sauce!! SalaryDoubler saved my life. I have a rash!
- Seiji Kurosawa

I was thoroughly amazed at the mathematical possibilities offered by doubling!

it's cool to see what my salary times two is, but man, you need to offer something about the depression that comes with the fact that the total is not real.... just an idea. offer some cool links to job sites, etc.


I found your web page and wonder if you can link to our web site. We provide job search and free resume services to both recruiters and job seekers, and we target mostly on university fresh grad.

Our site title is: JobNext Career Network

Descriptions: Provide job search, resume and job posting services.

If you need a logo for linking, just let me know, or just pick one on our web site:

If possible, just send me your web page URL after you'd link to us.


Margaret Rees Web Relations

Editor's Note: Thanks for the suggestion and especially thanks for the adjectival phrase "university fresh".

Wow! I've gotta show my boss!

- Emmett O'Brian

As a government employee, I was getting weary waiting for the citizens and their elected representatives to give me a pull me up from "working poor" and put me in the "living wage" category. Thanks! Now, I can afford to buy the kids new shoes!

Salary doubler was amazing from the first time I used it. I can't wait to see what happens when I use it again!

- Jeffrey Renton


Editor's Note: The actual comment rhymes with Masshole.

Wow! It even made me feel funny in the pants!

I don't get it.

Editor's Note: Truer words were never written.

I read about this site in a local newspaper. I feel at ease knowing what twice my salary would be. I owe it all to!

WOW! My salary is already so fabulously high that when I came upon your site, I must admit I thought "What can this so-called Doubler do for ME?" Out of idle curiosity I instructed one of my minions to type in my enormous salary (this took about 20 minutes, by the way) and lo and behold, right before my very eyes I saw how it WOULD be possible to build my own space program and send a seedling colony of morons to the moon where they will breed, and produce a race that will do my every bidding. I still can't afford Knicks tickets, though.

Thanks Salary Doubler!!

As an employee of a public institution of higher education, I know that the state legislature will double my salary one day...but this sure seems faster!!

--Anonymous Unclassified Employee (huh?)

(Heh, didn't you once do work for the CDC?)


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