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I’m trying to make my art as attractive as possible for art collectors.

A Market for Collectors
If you're a collector and want to sell one of my works, Just let me know and I'll list it on my site. I'm committed to providing an aftermarket with as much liquidity as possible for my work. The recognized and supported exchange for these works will be eBay.

Detailed Tracking and Price History
I'm going to try to increase my prices over time. I join collectors in an unwritten partnership to work to increase the value of my work. Toward that end, I'm going to add an aftermarket section on this site, making it easier for collectors to establish a value when they sell.

Secure Central Storage of Investment Art
You don't actually have to take posession of a work. I'll store and insure it for you for up to 2 years without cost. "Why on earth would someone want to buy a work of art and not take posession?" you may ask. I can think of a few good scenarios. Perhaps you collect a bunch of my stuff throughout the year, then have them shipped out in December as presents for friends or associates. Perhaps you, like I, hope that this stuff will increase in value, and you sell it later. Maybe you really love this one piece and you buy a couple of them. Take possession of one, and save the other to be sent to someone else later.

Pricing Floor Support
I'll not sell prints for less than you've paid. My goal is to protect your investment in these works. There is one odd possibility: a collector can buy another print from the edition you've purchased and turn around and sell it for less than the purchase price. I'm committed to listing and promoting sales by collectors of my work, letting the collector set the price and terms. I won't sell it for less than what you paid, but others are free to do whatever they want with the stuff, potentially selling at a loss. I think this is unlikely.

Certificate of Authenticity
Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, initialed by the artist and physically matched to a "certificate stub" that I retain. The certificate stub is torn off the certificate in such a way as to make the certificate verifiable. No counterfeit certificate would match the torn certificate stub in quite the same way. Well, no document security is foolproof, but this one is pretty good.