Paul Smedberg

Paul Smedberg

My goal is to create work that grabs attention and interest at first sight and rewards repeated, thoughtful viewing.
I have always been fascinated by multi-dimensional, non-Euclidean geometry in mathematics and physics. One way of looking at the art that I make is that I’m rendering a multi-dimensional viewpoint into two dimensions.

When you say to yourself, What is it?- That’s when you’re starting to know something new. There are cells in your brain that specialize in dealing with unaccustomed perceptions. I’m trying to light a candle under those cells. I’m rendering the familiar into the unfamiliar. This viewpoint is one in which different aspects of a setting are visible at once, from a perspective that could only be obtained by crumpling, slicing and folding our three-dimensional world in 4- 5- or 6-dimensional space. By bringing together multiple images and shapes, I’m creating/revealing extra information about a single setting that results from connections across widely differing directions and scales.

I’m portraying rifts in space, time and point-of-view – looking at a setting from multiple perspectives simultaneously. Showing imagined lines of force and revealing unseen intersections and influences.

The cubists would view an object from a closely grouped collection of physical and temporal perspectives. What I’m doing enlarges on that concept of mixed perspectives by widening the range and focus. Not multiple views a few paces apart, but multiple views in widely differing directions and scales.

When you look at infrared or ultraviolet imagery you see objects encoded with information that a “normal” view does not reveal. By bringing together multiple images and shapes, I’m creating/revealing extra information and connections.

These pieces are not so much created as revealed. I don’t make them. I help them become manifest. The shapes, the colors, all come from the setting – the thing that is being painted, being recorded, being shot. The colors are just right because they are there in the object. I am singing the song of the thing shot.

Here for your listening pleasure is an interview I did with Yael Ksander on WFIU.


Art Résumé

June 2015
Group show at iFell Gallery, Bloomington, IN

April 2015
Solo show at Bloomingfoods 3 locations, Bloomington, IN

February 2015
Juried “Art of Chocolate” group show,  People’s Choice Award

April 2013
Solo show at Blue Studio Gallery, Bloomington, IN

May, 2012
Group show at Blueline Gallery, Bloomington, IN

October, 2011
“Ghosts of Foreclosure” solo exhibition of photo remixes of empty foreclosed homes at El Norteño Gallery, Bloomington, IN

July, 2011
“What Am I Looking At” solo exhibition of photo remixes at John Waldron Arts Center, Rosemary P. Miller Gallery, Bloomington, IN

May, 2011
“Monsters” group show at Paper Crane Gallery, Bloomington, IN

February, 2011
Juried “Art of Chocolate” exhibition at IU Fine Arts Gallery, awarded 2nd place in the 2D category

2008 – 2011
Variety of live action and animated shorts including: On Determinism, On Candy, On Self Image, Sussing the Unseen Dog, On Memory, and There’s This Note I Really Like

August, 2007+2009
Exhibited photo remixes at Indy Fringe, Indianapolis – awarded “Best of Fringe” in 2007

April, 2003
Exhibition at Bloomington Area Arts Council of photo remixes, each with a borrowable CDs (pioneering the idea of shareware art)

Completion of Cyclotron Trilogy – three art website portraits of the Indiana University Cyclotron

Quirky/artsy video documentary Minor Rapture (about a basketball riot)

Quirky/artsy video documentary The Urge to Destroy (about a demolition derby)

Five internet Sites Without Words visual art websites (accessed through

1996 to present
Publication of an online art and philosophy e-zine BracketBracket. Converted to blog in February, 2009

Group show at DaisyBrain Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana

Publication of The Cauldron my first art website

Exhibition of video art piece Running Down the Rockies at Waldron Arts Center Gallery and video art pieces Ten Ideas That Will Revolutionize Civilization and Judgment Day at SOFA (School of Fine Arts) Gallery at IU, both in Bloomington, Indiana.