Cyclotron Scrolls by Paul Smedberg

Screen capture from Cyclotron Scrolls

Directions for use

First launch the Control Window. Then launch any combination of the four scrolls in any order. Finally, close the Control Window. There you is.

Some of the windows will probably go off the edge of your screen. I meant to do that. The entire site, with all four scrolls launched, weighs in at 1.2mb, so, depending on your connection speed, it may take a bit for all the graphics to load.



Changing the piece

To change the piece, move the windows around, or select different windows from the task bar to change the layering of the windows on your screen.

One of my favorite combinations is to launch the scroll layers, one every few seconds, in this order: first scroll 2, then 3, then 1 and finally 4. And the reason that that sentence makes no sense is that you haven't tried it yet.

About the piece

Its big and slow and fat and ambient. The images are all of a cyclotron. Big science as big sculpture. I've played with these images before in the Cyclotron Labyrinth (1997), which is a maze of pages. Technically, ths piece is pretty simple: some javascript to launch windows of a specific size, and to vertically scroll 4 large images (411x4960 pixels). The piece is similar to The Dogwood Scroll. If you're looking for audio wine to go with this visual dish, I was listening to CD1 of Bill Laswell's Hear No Evil while making the site.

Some thumbnails of screen captures:

Screen capture from Cyclotron Scrolls

Screen capture from Cyclotron Scrolls

Screen capture from Cyclotron Scrolls

I've also got higher quality jpgs, if anyone wants to look at it tweaked up a little bit. That one weighs in at 6.2mb.

Email me and tell me what you think. Also, please let me know if anything is broken.

Copyright 2001, Paul Smedberg

Anyone who wants to use this site for an image projected on a big screen (or wall of tvs) while people mill around and yak or find their seats at the beginning of a conference or meeting has my permission to do so. Just let me know.