Pop Quiz From the Mahabarata

  1. What is quicker than the wind?

  2. What can cover the earth?

  3. Who are more numerous, the living or the dead?

  4. Give me an example of space.

  5. An example of grief.

  6. Of poison.

  7. An example of defeat.

  8. Which came first, day or night?

  9. What is the cause of the world?

  10. What is your opposite?

  11. What is madness?

  12. Why do men revolt?

  13. What, for each of us, is inevitable?

  14. What is the greatest wonder?


  1. Thought

  2. Darkness

  3. The living, because the dead are no longer

  4. My two hands [held together] as one

  5. Ignorance

  6. Desire

  7. Victory

  8. Day, but it was only a day ahead

  9. Love

  10. Myself

  11. A forgoten way

  12. To find beauty, either in life or in death

  13. Happiness

  14. Each day, death strikes and we live as though we are immortal.

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