Like wandering through a garden maze, you can't see the path from above.

There is a finish page. And a few vague clues.

You wander through these pages of ideas . . . . . .reflecting, ruminating, mulling and musing on the content. Bouncing around, sometimes crossing back to a page you've seen before. Sometimes off to a distant realm.

When you're closing on the finish, you'll be in a long hallway of pages of mostly non-english characters. There are two ways onto that hallway, and your odds of stumbling across either link at any moment are about 400:1.

To jump in, just dive through one of these handy buttons.

Muse Mull Ruminate Reflect

WARNING: Contains language and subject matter. Viewer digression is advised. Some sections might even be considered inappropriate for younger viewers. Forwarned is forharmed.

Art Catalog
At some point, check out the
Martin Action Catalog of limited edition art.

The jumps, content and order of these pages is changed irregularly, as is the finish page.

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A 30 second wav fanfare [288k]

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