of the Deceased Retrospective

Act One
The Death of a Man

Act Two
The Death of ALL Man

Act Three
Wilderness adventure with Yamaha bikes

Act Four
Which way to turn

Act Five
Departing the physical plane

Act Six
Meditations on complete recovery
``It'll never happen, buddy, 'cause you're dead.''

Act Seven
Monochrome Christmas Party

Act Eight
Retrial of the blank systems of wastewater

Act Nine
Same as Act Six

Act Ten
Another look at drains, how they're just like death

Act Eleven
More about filter-cigarettes

Act Twelve
Non-stop boredom

Act Thirteen
Boredom at the hands of the eternal spirit

Act Fourteen
In which funky can't get no lamb

Act Fifteen
Another commercial for the final solution

Act Sixteen
The Red Light, how to avoid it, how to use it

Act Seventeen
Epilogue: You can't come back, we promise.

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