bracket bracket

is a manifesto
of super-privacy and the
inalienable rights we people must have
to control our own bodies
to control the information we produce and
to control the distribution of data about us.

                   by Paul Smedberg

I Own Me a manifesto

I own my body, mind and behavior
my chemical make-up.
all records about it,
my DNA
I own that.
It is my possession,
like everything else about me,
to license or not
as I see fit.

I own all my illnesses, imperfections and injuries
and the descriptions of these
and the records
and the tissue
and the data.

If anyone else wants access or use,
they need my permission.

My history both on- and off-line,
my visited sites,
my phone calls,
my viewing habits,
my movements and location,
the ripple I create as I move through life  
I own that.

My specific demographics  
the fact that I fall into certain categories  
I own that too.

I own my buying habits.
I co-own every transaction,
with veto over how transaction information is used.

I own my face - my likeness.
I am solely responsible for my body
and the content of my stomach, lungs, bloodstream or womb.
I have the right to put anything into my body,
and take anything out.

I have the right to live or die.
I control the right to be me
in absolute  
to hold or dispense as I see fit .

No government,
or corporation,
or court,
or entity of any sort
has any superceding rights
or access
unless I say so.

I own me .

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