bracket bracket [29] by Paul Smedberg


I've been plagued by a vision.

Well, maybe "plagued" is not the right word, but for the last couple
months this keeps coming back to me:


Imagine a big tube or pipe – maybe as big around as a garbage can.

Coming through the tube is an incredibly powerful force, like a jet
engine or rocket would produce.

And equally powerfully, equally forcefully, going the opposite
direction in that same tube is a different flow, like water.

These two forces are moving through the same space (in the tube) in
opposite directions.

And these two forces don't hinder each other, and I'm not quite sure,
but they might even amplify each other.




Mister Jefferson’s Colonade:




What's the simplest possible creative act?
Creativity at it's most basic. The fundamental creative act.

Picking a number between 1 and 10.



Music for Modern Office #2

. . . a sound installation that can be "performed", if that's the right word, anywhere there is a group of computers, such as a cube farm or computer cluster.

To execute the performance, get all the computers in the area to this page. Make sure the sound is turned up. To begin the performance, one or more performers run around to all the computers launching this file: MMO#2

The instances of MMO#2 are each starting at a different time, the moment of starting determined by the performer(s). The frenzied beat and wild dynamics will produce some interesting spacial effects.

You can perform this piece any time you like, but I'd especially encourage you to perform it on October 7th, 2007, which, according to my notes, is the date I composed the piece.

[An earlier Music for Modern Office is at Bracket Bracket 22.]



The photo in the background was taken at the Metropolitan Museum in NY. Also at the Met is Bracque's Landscape at La Ciotat which I visually fugued around with in a simmering minimalist flash animation.



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