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Light Leak Lilies
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Connect the Dots

We observe the dots
and want to sense the lines in between

that's all we ever do
that's all we ever think

a yearning to 
     &  understand the lines in between

the dots 
the nodes 
are what we personally experience of the world

the lines 
are the comparisons 
and relationships
and metaphors that connect the dots

an over-arching, 
grasp at everything . . . 

science be the metaphors
sometimes expressed mathematically
for the underpinnings of existence

religion be the metaphors
sometimes expressed in text
for the underpinnings of existence

art be the metaphors
music be the metaphors
literature be the metaphors
ecology be the metaphors

politics be the metaphors
business be the metaphors

and how 'bout them Cubs?
there ain't no metaphors
like the Cubs as metaphor


there is this grand collection of metaphors
that is our knowledge of everything outside ourselves

each ourself
a cauldron full of metaphors

a piece of meat 
	that is knowledge of geography
a bit of carrot
	that is popular music
a snippet of parsnip
	that is geometry			. . . etc.

all flavoring the broth of awareness
stirred by the big wooden spoon of consciousness

the big wooden spoon of consciousness

brings up a spoonful.

Who tastes?

You do!
the stew tastes the stew
that's all
that's you.




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Not that you could tell anymore, but the above moving shapes were made by superimposing heiroglyphics over a circuit diagram, and then processing the curves to death.

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