an irregular ezine by Paul Smedberg

Help! Scott's Sick!

Harmonic poisonings commited on a pair of Joplin rags.

Rag #1 (5:30 midi)Rag #2 (1:20 midi)

Unmodified Scott Joplin rags collected by Jeff Powell

as media are developed, new art forms are born, and the old forms are changed

the technology of still photography became its own art form

and forever changed the aesthetics of painting in the process

giving rise to impressionism and abstraction

which in turn affected photography in an aesthetic feedback loop

giving rise to impressionism and abstraction

and forever changing the aesthetic of painting in the process

the technology of still photography became its own art form

as media are developed, new art forms are born, and the old forms are changed

You're driving along,
the road is slick,
you've had a little bit to drink,
not too much you think.

Sharp turn.
"I don't remember a turn here."
you think as the car careens off the road.

"I was right, there really isn't a turn here.
Oh, shit."

The car rolls,
the roof is crushed
and most of you with it.

[Crane shot.]
Pulling back from the wreckage.
Pulling up and back.
You think "Cars . . ."
It seems so profound . . .
They really seem so silly now,
cars do.

In fact,
your body is the same way.
It isn't anywhere near
as important as you thought
it was
just a few minutes ago.

Fade to white.

A nice sort of white.
A homey, soft sort of white.
Kind of bright,
but not in a squinty sort of way,
but in an exhilirating sort of way.
A ski jump that just goes on and on.

And everybody's here.
It's so good to be back with everybody.
They all say "Hi."

"How white it is! No painting ornaments it, it is all of a piece."
--reverie on a plate by John Cage

Lite Art -- Pro and Con

Lite Art uses a roller, not a brush.
Lite Art has minimul information.
Fewer changes.
Like Rothko,
Albers and Pollock.
Reich and Glass.
Art that is continuous and homogeneous.
Art where you could miss a little
and not miss much.
Art without discernible architecture.
Nothing really happens.
Screen saver art.
Something to observe while you're vacuuming.

High tasté.
Less filling.

Calling it Lite Art is cute,
but misses the point.
Outwardly simple things
are not inferior to complex things.

A beautiful blue sky
has a majesty that the Sistine Chapel just can't beat.

A piece of music by Steve Reich
is like a forest.

A great sauce can be smooth and rich,
it doesn't have to be chunky to be good.

Reflecting the continuity of nature is
as valid as reflecting the drama.

All of the images on this page are details
taken from the above photograph
of the back of a semi tractor
parked behind the facade of a glowing carnival ride.

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