Bracket Bracket #10

Nanites (Trekgua for miniature robots) climb up
your nose and through to your gray matter
attaching themselves to your brain
at the corpus callosum
in order to amplify your thoughts
or completely control your brain
depending on whether you're
owning time or
doing time.

Free people will
own time.

Paralized with empathy I clearly saw
the arguments from both sides.
Each side was, in a way, right.
yet they were in complete disagreement.

So I did nothing.

Images are not arguments, rarely even lead to proof, but the mind craves them, and, of late more than ever, the keenest experimenters find twenty images better than one, especially if contradictory; since the human mind has already learned to deal in contradictions. --Henry Brooks Adams [1907]

Things derive their being and nature by mutial dependence and are nothing in themselves. --Nagarjuna

Crawling around under the table and barking. I put my head on one of the dining-room chairs. My chin resting on the chair that held Aunt Melinda's butt at Sunday dinner. Barking. My skull moving up and down as my jaw stayed in place on the chair in the dining-room. Barking.

Stare into a TV that is unplugged from cable. That is, the screen is filled with gray amorphous static and the sound being produced is a white noise ssssssssss. Stare for a while, looking for a big circle near the center of the screen. If you think real hard about that circle, you'll see it after a while. Then listen for the murmuring of distant voices. Pretty soon you'll be seeing human forms too. Eventually everything will coalesce into a rerun of Gilligan's Island. The one where Gilligan sees a man in the forest, but when Gilligan fetches the Skipper and the Professor, the man is gone.

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